The Internet.com Network is comprised of some of the best known and highly acclaimed sites in the technology publishing business. Internet.com's more than 200 journalists, analysts and editors produce award winning and actionable information around the clock and from around the world. Internet.com sites are organized into five channels to enable marketers to reach targeted audience segments easily and efficiently.
        The Internet.com Network is organized into five content channels — Developer, Internet News, IT, Personal Technology and Small Business. These channels combine to deliver more than 15 million unique visitors to Internet.com  network of technology-specific Web sites, e-mail newsletters, announcement lists, webcasts and e-mail discussion lists. Internet.com's Internet media properties attract a highly qualified audience of technology product and service buyers. They are affluent, educated and empowered by their organizations to invest in IT and Internet solutions.
           The Internet.com Network is a comprehensive source for the latest global news and information about information technology and the Internet. It allows users to evaluate, compare and purchase IT and Internet-related products and services. The Internet.com Network attracts experienced IT and business professionals looking for:
    * Real-time industry news
    * Tutorials, training and skills development
    * Internet market research
    * Buyer's guides and products reviews
    * Archives of definitive industry publications
    * Discussion forums
    * Expert advice

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