Increase traffic to your web site using Outbrain's content recommendation solutions with thumbnail images.
         If you publish great content, people are coming to your site to read. Not to be interrupted by offers or to buy a product— they want to consume content. Outbrain allows you to make money by doing right by your readers, helping them discover great content that they are actually likely to enjoy.
          Outbrain do this in two ways. First, Outbrain help people find more of your own content that they may not have discovered independently. This results in higher pageviews per session and more traffic for you, to monetize through your existing channels. Second, Outbrain allow you to turn on sponsored recommendations: when you do this, Outbrain finds great content for your readers from external sites and displays links to them in relevant areas. When users click, you get paid – and you've given your readers something of real value to them, unlike another "work from home" offer.

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