RupeeMail email is a message in an electronic envelope delivered in an email.
        Affixed to the envelope is the electronic stamp from the sender and the envelope contains the encoded message from the sender. RupeeMail is sent by using special software provided by HCITEK Software Private Limited on behalf of senders whose identity has been verified by HCITEK Software Private Limited. To open and view the contents of the RupeeMail and collect the value of the stamp, recipient must click on the link specified on the electronic envelope.
Some salient features of RupeeMail are:
   1. Recipients get paid instantly when they open RupeeMail.
   2. Senders are known and accountable.
   3. The sender sets the face value of the stamp.
   4. Content of the RupeeMail is invisible until the recipient opens the RupeeMail
   5. Recipient can redeem his/her accumulated earnings anytime.
   6. RupeeMail deploys patented OIV Technology to make origin authentication economically.
   7. RupeeMail is easily distinguishable from SPAM.

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