If you have a long URL which has problems wrapping in email messages or in chat rooms or is impossible to read over the phone, then copy and paste it in notlong.com and this service will make a shorter link which will use redirection to send users to the longer URL.
              For example, here is a long URL which breaks because it gets wrapped in email messages:

http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?Pyt=Tmap&addr=2801+Ocean+P ark+Blvd&city=Santa+Monica&state=CA&csz=Santa+Monica,+CA+90 405-5200&slt=34.018220&sln=-118.457158&name=&zip=90405-5200 &country=us&&BFKey=&BFCat=&BFClient=&mag=6&desc=&cs=9&ne wmag=8&poititle=&poi=&ds=n
            The notlong.com service turned the above long URL into this notlong URL: http://misratha.notlong.com

          Anybody who uses this notlong URL will get redirected automatically to the original long URL.

Link: http://www.notlong.com/

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