With Yola, you can easily create a free website in no time. You won’t need an advanced degree; if you can edit a document, you can build a free website. Yola’s award-winning support team is always available, making websites easy to manage and simple to change. Yola packages include over 100 ad-free customizable templates, so you can create a website you’ll love without annoying pop-ups. Yola gives you the features you want, including integration with YouTube, Google Maps, and PayPal. With Yola, you’ll get up to five free websites with 1GB of storage so you can claim your rightful place on the web. Try Yola, the feature-filled, easy-to-use free website builder today.
Yola features:
1. Be found
    Create a website and instantly publish to the Web
    Use a free sub-domain
    - e.g. www.SiteName.YolaSite.com
    Purchase your own Domain Name
    Reliable, secure and advertising free website hosting
2. Editable background
    Change your background image and apply across all pages
3. Add multiple pages
    Easily edit your navigation
4. Customizable design
    Customizable website templates to get the look you need
    Add your logo
    Or upload a custom banner image
    Pay for a Premium Style design
    Not ready to build it yourself?
    Let our designers build your site
5. Edit and format text
    Easily drag-and-drop text, images and other content onto your site
    Powerful web-editing tools
6. Add pictures
    Upload photos to your site
    Enhance your site with cost-effective stock photographs
7. Photos & video
    Easily pull in photos from your Flickr or Smugmug account
    Or engage your visitors with video (YouTube, etc)
8. Start earning
    Use the PayPal shopping cart to sell goods online
    Collect donations for your charity
9. Reach your visitors
    Add online forms to collect information from site visitors
    Book appointments directly from your website
10. Locate yourself
    Add Google maps so your customers can find you

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