WapGlee is a Wap Site Generator. With WapGlee you can create your own WAP site easy and fast without having the knowledge of any programming language (PHP, WML, XHTML, etc). You can edit your WAP site from www.wapglee.com. Address of your WAP site will be: yourlogin.wapglee.com
You can use WAP site for:
   -  Insert links on other WAP sites.
   -  Use your own pictures for links.
   -  Add default Header and Footer (Set up Header and Footer contents, which will be automatically inserted on every page. This way you can simlpy make e.g. logo of your site, which will be automatically inserted on every page).
   -  Set automatic redirection.
   -  Every item can have its custom text styling.
   -  You can add advertisements from a selection of mobile ad networks, so you can also earn some money with your WAP site.
   -  Using services on WapGlee is absolutely free.

Link: http://www.wapglee.com/

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