WYO is whatever you want it to be. Really. Here’s what we think WYO is about. WYO is about what you wear. Its also about what you think. And finally its about what you think you should wear.
            Brilliance aside, WYO is about great designs. Designs that are socially relevant. WYO want its tee’s to say something specific. It don’t believe in anything abstract. A few random lines and strokes on a canvas might make a few people go “oooh” and “aaah”. But not WYO. Its designs are more like social commentary.
           However commentary alone doesn’t make for exciting interweb business. So here’s how WYO works. WYO look at its society and pin point things (not issues) that trouble and annoy WYO. WYO then work with its brilliant & creative designer panel to bring those societal things onto nice tees (with a pun). Tees that are not only great in quality (100% cotton, 180 g.s.m.) but also wonderfully cut and stitched. These tees are then introduced to you at a very low introductory price of Rs. 399 for a week. After which these tees are moved to the archive where you can buy them for Rs. 449.

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